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DALCO Electronic Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in booking DALCO. Please refer to this page for any information typically provided in an electronic press kit. If you require additional information, please get in touch via this booking form or with an e-mail to BOOKING@DalcoMusic.com


DALCO officially began as a project in 2011, along the Colorado Front Range. Spurred on by the growth of the electronic music scene in the area, Blake Taylor set out to produce music that captured the dance feel of EDM, but strove to incorporate traditional musicianship and instrumental work within his tracks. Overall, Dalco’s library of work is chameleon-esque in nature, with tracks that range from silky downtempo instrumentals to high energy dance beats with cutting edge sound design. This allows Taylor to easily fit a spot on any bill. He has shared the stage with glitch-hop heavyweights Heyoka and 2Nutz, Denver dance gurus Project Aspect and Unlimity Gravity, and up-and-coming acts such as Skydyed and Snubluck (just to name a few).

In 2016, DALCO relocated from Denver to the greater Tampa area. While the change in location was significant, it hasn’t slowed Taylor down.  He has released two new EPs (available here), been featured on the 2017 release “Mile High Meltdown Vol 3” and has already begun playing on local lineups in the area.


Gig History:

  • Escape Reality Electronica Night (Aug 2017) – Sarasota, FL
  • Tony P’s w/ Green Hit and Home Fried Boogaloo (July 2017)  – Denver, CO
  • Skate into Summer (June 2017) – Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Breezy Boards Fall Bash with Scam Artists (November 2016) –  Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Blissfall Music and Arts Festival w/ Assorted Artist (August 2016) – Northern Colorado
  • Far Side Emporium with Bogtrotter and 2Nutz (August 2016) – Denver, CO (Capacity reached)
  • Los Tacos Famous Taqueria (August 2016) – Denver, CO
  • Hodis Half Note CID Initiative Tuesdays  (June 2016) – Fort Collins, CO
  • Larimer Lounge w/ Man Mantis (June 2014) –  Denver, CO
  • Hodi’s Half Note w/ Skyded ( April 2014) – Fort Collins, CO (Capacity reached)
  • Hodi’s Half Note w/ Assorted Artists  (April 2014) – Fort Collins, CO
  • Larimer Lounge w/ Snubluck (February 2014) – Denver, CO
  • Subterranean Nightclub (November 2013) – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Hodi’s Half Note w/ Assorted Artists (October 2013) – Fort Collins, CO
  • The Art Lab (June 2013) – Fort Collins, CO
  • Arise Music Festival 2013 – Loveland, CO

In The Press:

“He had the entire crowd dancing and everyone had a smile on their face. With a full moon, everyone’s energy was high, and it felt like a family affair, as I saw everyone talking to each other and it created a really good vibe that was remained the entire night. Dalco mixed beautiful sounds with a vast array of instruments being used to create his songs. The bass kept you bouncing while the synths and production took you through a journey. Throwing in hip-hop with a solid digital sounding background, he had everyone with their arms in air celebrating life with the moon luminating the sky in the background. With influences like Pretty Lights, Opiuo, and 2Pac, it was clear where his sound was stemming from.”

– Oramovement.com, August 2016

Symphonic Distribution Featured Artist (New Music Friday)

What does a Dalco live set sound like?

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“I feel as though a lot of emotion in dance music gets lost in translation. No one sits down to write an impersonal track. But at the end of the day, I think a lot of producers struggle with imparting emotion in their music. I believe a great way to avoid writing tracks devoid of emotion is to reintroduce the human element. Not just through bringing in live instruments, but by realizing that great music is made through expirementation. Although a lot of my music may admittedly be too expiremental for some listeners, I think that by being unable to be defined as a genre, it has also engaged people in a very authentic way.”

Blake Taylor

Tech Rider

Click here for a downloadable version of the DALCO tech rider.